About bracelets

Bracelets are often only available in standard sizes. Different sizes available by special order.

Larger looking models are also made from wood and therefore relatively light weight and comfortable.

Generally available in standard size.

Available in different sizes only upon special request.

Can also be made from sketches/pictures.

Even larger pieces are light in weight due to the wood material used.

These pieces are also available as rings.


  • Vipera
  • Tra-Na
  • Lu-Kru
  • Dust Surf
  • Kurvey
  • Puls-Ar
  • Wiiru
  • Vulkaani
  • Laawa
  • Coralline
  • Infinity
  • Wakapaa
  • Broad bracelet
  • Ninia
  • Geo
  • Roselet
  • Zimt
  • Parset