About earrings

The earring clamp is .925 silver

The studs are made out of one tree which means that the plug is connected without a seam. Studs made wholly out of wood come with a silicone fastening mechanism and therefore is 100 % metal free.

Silver plugs are available for wooden studs.

The lenght of the studs on the wood plug earrings are as follows: Lenght 12mm. The stem is the widest part at 1.5mm.

Singular earrings are also available


  • Turbine
  • Roselet
  • I-Plok Stripe
  • Tree Heart
  • Scorpio
  • Babel
  • Kue-Bik
  • Stars
  • Tear Of The Desert
  • Tree Heart
  • Laawa
  • Stone Shell
  • The Ancient